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Hi, it’s me, Fran! Welcome! Join me as I share my journey in the magical world of children’s publishing and illustration ✨ I will be sharing news, thoughts and updates on my work and projects, behind-the-scenes content and my general ramblings.

I’ve added a few details below if you’d like to get to know a little more about me and my work 🌙

Why Storees?

As an illustrator and avid picturebook collector, stories are what drive me and my work. Everywhere around us is a story: every object, every being, every place has its experiences and history, some of which are unable to communicate this but if you look closely, there they’ll be. In this Substack, I’ll strive to share these stories as well as my own and hope that together, we can build a little community in this small corner of the internet, a space where we can share each other’s stories.

Who is Gee?

Fran, is a Maltese illustrator and picturebook maker based in Edinburgh. She tells whimsical stories full of magic and emotion, driven by dynamic characters that help people connect with the work in a meaningful and engaging way. The themes surrounding inclusivity, mental health and well-being are an important part of her practice. She often combines her illustrative work with material such as textiles, book art and paper cutting as an additional layer for her storytelling.

During her time as an MA Illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art, she worked on a silent picture book When the Moon Disappears, a story based on the journey of childhood grief and trauma.

What has Fran worked on?

So far, Fran has illustrated a number of YA novels with Merlin Publishers, mainly their award-winning Maltese children’s fiction series, Irvin Vella: Virtual Investigator (2021,2022), and a Maltese adaptation of the House that Sneezed (2020).

Fran has also worked with organisations such as the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and A Play, A Pie and A Pint in creating illustrations for posters and advertising material.

She has most recently set sail on the Good Ship Illustration Picturebook Course, with the aim of developing new stories and characters to introduce to the world!

Contact - hello@frannie-gee.com
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✨️🖌 Fran is a Maltese illustrator and picturebook maker based in Edinburgh. Her work focuses on telling whimsical stories full of magic and emotion.